How do I choose a good, reliable company?

In general, state laws regulate all life insurance companies, and companies must be licensed to sell life insurance within the borders of a given state. Your State’s Department of Insurance (DOI) is responsible to see that insurance companies are managed in an acceptable fashion and have the financial reserves to pay their contractual obligations when the time comes. You can access your states DOI website by visiting our “Your State Life Insurance Guides.” Beyond seeking out any complaints that may have been brought against a life insurance company through your states Department of Insurance, it is best to seek out a life insurance company that has been consistently high rated. There are several independent organizations that rate life insurance companies; among them are A.M. Best, Moody’s Investor Services, Inc., and Standard and Poors. The companies listed in our List of the Top 25 Heath Insurance Producers, are those companies with solid financial standing, and that have consistently received the highest ratings from such organizations.

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