Utah Life Insurance

If the unexpected happened and your family was left to make ends meet without you, how would they fare? Would you be able to say you did everything you could for them before your death? If not, a Utah life insurance policy may be just what you need. Obtaining a Utah life insurance policy quote is the first step towards leaving your family with the means to carry on without you once you’ve passed away. Your life insurance quote will be tailored to your family’s needs and goals within the laws relevant to life insurance in Utah.

Why Utah Life Insurance?

With an average life expectancy of almost 79, Utah is ranked third highest of all 50 states and Washington D.C. but living longer can mean that there are many more years of paying bills after a family member passes away. More than 1,500 people between the ages of 55 and 64 pass away every year in Utah and between the ages 65 and 74, another 2,000-plus pass away. The 75 to 84 year-olds lose more than 3,500 individuals each year in our state and more than 4,000 persons die each year who are over the age of 85. For those who are interested, more information on the state’s mortality statistics can be found here: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/data/Utah09.pdf

For more reasons why you should apply for Utah Life Insurance, and for help in finding the best kind of life insurance for your needs, at the best value, take a look at our Family Guide to Life Insurance.

Utah Life Insurance Specifics

The insurance industry in Utah is regulated by The State Insurance Code of Utah. The state uses this code to regulate claims and provide certain provisions to protect Utah Life Insurance consumers. For example, regulations call for a 30-day grace period on all late payments under the state insurance code. If a payment is missed for any reason, all life insurance providers must grant you 30 days to bring the account current before the insurer can cancel the policy for non-payment.

Keep in mind that the cost of monthly premiums should not be all you consider when shopping for insurance and that some policies may not adequately protect your family in their time of need. Choosing the right carrier requires serious decision-making and thoughtful planning so, once you’ve compared your Utah life insurance quotes, consulting a licensed insurance professional can provide you with additional answers and peace of mind.

In the event of the discovery of any discrepancies or non-disclosures, especially regarding tobacco use, the life insurance policy may be terminated immediately. Allowances for misstatement of age are given, and may be corrected without penalty at any time while the Utah State Life Insurance policy is in effect.

Utah Life Insurance State Resources

Utah Department of Insurance - The purpose of the Department of Insurance is to faithfully execute the state insurance laws in a manner that protects insurance consumers and the Utah Life Insurance industry.

Utah Life & Health Insurance Protection Association - State guaranty associations are there to provide protection and continuing Utah Life Insurance coverage, even in the event that a life insurance company becomes insolvent.

Utah Life Insurance Company Ratings - These companies provide ratings for Utah Life Insurance Companies based on financial strength and past performance

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