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Ultra Preferred Life Insurance

Life insurance companies rely on a classification system to determine your health and risk factors, affecting how much you will pay for coverage. When you apply to buy life insurance, the insurance company places you in a risk category based on your health, age and lifestyle. The category an insurer places you in is important because it helps establish the insurance cost and premium you will pay. If you are not healthy, have a preexisting condition or you engage in a risky lifestyle, you will be classified as risky and your premiums will likely be higher. 

What Is Ultra Preferred Life Insurance?

Depending on the insurer, there are typically five classifications to determine the cost of your life insurance policies. Ultra Preferred is the lowest-risk, best-rated category a person can qualify for. It is also known as preferred plus or preferred elite life insurance. Typically, the applicant with ultra preferred life insurance is a very healthy nonsmoker whose weight is within the ultra preferred range. The ultra preferred life insurance enrollee has no serious medical issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. People in this category can expect to pay the lowest premiums. 

How to Qualify for Ultra Preferred Life Insurance

To qualify for ultra preferred life insurance, applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Your blood pressure level must be a healthy average that does not go over 135/85. 
  • Your cholesterol levels must also be in a healthy range. Applicants with ultra preferred life insurance rates must not be receiving treatment or taking medication for cholesterol.
  • Your family history will play a part in your ultra preferred life insurance rates. If anyone in your family has died before 60 years of age due to cardiovascular disease, cancer or coronary artery disease or any other possible hereditary issues, you may not qualify for ultra preferred rates. 
  • You must not have smoked or used any tobacco products in the previous three years before applying for life insurance. 

To qualify for the ultra preferred life insurance rate, you will want to do well on your physical exam, be fit and healthy and ensure your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are within the ideal ranges. 

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