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Why Buy Life Insurance

Why buy life insurance?  Life insurance is a smart decision for a number of reasons.  Life insurance is not only a tool to protect loved ones; it can also be a sound financial investment and planning tool.  Buying life insurance entitles the policyholder to the following protections and benefits:

  • Buying life insurance protects your loved ones from income loss and financial catastrophe.  In the event of death, your life insurance policy can serve as replacement for some lost income so that family and loved ones do not endure financial hardship.
  • A life insurance policy can pay for final costs and expenses.  Burial costs, estate planning, attorney and administration fees, debts, and medical expenses all contribute to high costs at time of death.  The decision to purchase life insurance gives loved ones the peace of mind that these financial burdens do not become lasting monetary hardship.
  • Life insurance can also be an inheritance to possible heirs, even if you have no assets at time of death.
  • Having the security of a life insurance policy cash payment at time of death can also pay for any possible estate taxes so heirs do not have to sell assets to cover any tax payments. 
  • A life insurance policy can also act as a savings account in some instances, which can be withdrawn or borrowed at the policyholder’s request.
  • Life insurance can also be used to make a planned charitable contribution at the time of your death.

The decision to purchase life insurance should not be taken lightly.  If you have questions on how to buy life insurance or questions regarding the process to buy life insurance, we recommend you speak to a local licensed insurance agent to learn more.  Please feel free to contact the licensed life insurance agents listed on our site for further information on how to buy life insurance.

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