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Equitable Life Insurance Review

Equitable, previously known as AXA Equitable, was founded in 1859 as the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. The New York-based company now sells life insurance under the name Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company.

Equitable life insurance and group and individual retirement products serve more than 2.8 million customers across the U.S. Should you be one of them? Below is our review of Equitable and its life insurance business. 

Please note: does not sell life insurance policies from Equitable. To learn about life insurance policies available where you live and to compare options from other life insurance companies that offer coverage in your area, call to chat with a licensed insurance agent or request a free online plan quote today.

What Kind of Life Insurance Does Equitable Sell?

Equitable sells several different types of life insurance, some of which are available with no medical exam in certain circumstances. 


Equitable sells term life insurance policies with durations (usually called “terms”) of one, 10, 15 and 20 years. Many other life insurance companies sell term life insurance for up to 30 years, and it’s uncommon to find one-year policies. 

Death benefits reach up to $2 million and policies can be converted to permanent coverage at the end of the term. Equitable has two term life insurance policies:

  1. Term Series
    Affordable premiums that remain level for the length of the policy and then increase annually if converted

  2. Equitable Term-in-10
    Simple and flexible coverage that can be set up in less than 10 minutes using an all-online experience with no medical exam

Indexed Universal

This type of permanent coverage invests a portion of your premium into an S&P index fund to build cash value.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

This permanent policy is like indexed universal coverage, except your cash value is invested in a mutual fund instead of an index fund.

Equitable has three variable universal life insurance options:

  1. Equitable Advantage Max
    Tax-deferred growth, potentially tax-free income and tax-free death benefits

  2. VUL Optimizer
    Customized, professionally managed investment portfolios with an array of investment options

  3. VUL Legacy
    Affordable coverage combined with market-sensitive investment options


Survivorship life insurance policies cover two people, typically spouses or partners. Death benefits are paid out after both covered people pass away. 

Long-Term Care 

This type of policy combines permanent life insurance with a cash value and coverage for long-term care expenses. 

Does Equitable Have Any Riders?

“Riders” are optional addons to a life insurance policy that can boost coverage or address certain needs. Equitable offers a range of riders including:

  • Cash value plus
    Lowers the surrender charge and other potential fees if you surrender the policy within the first eight years of activation

  • Charitable legacy
    Dedicate an additional benefit to up to two charities and the policy will pay 1% of the face amount to those organizations (up to $100,000)

  • Children’s term
    Provides term life insurance for a child and can be converted to permanent coverage once the child reaches a certain age

  • Disability waiver of monthly deductions
    Waives your monthly premiums if you become totally disabled for six months or more

  • Long-term care services
    An accelerated life insurance benefit that provides coverage for long-term care expenses

  • Additional insurance option
    Allows for the purchase of additional coverage at a later date without having to prove insurability

  • Return of premiums
    Returns a portion of paid premiums to beneficiaries after your death. 

Where Can You Buy Equitable Life Insurance?

Equitable is licensed to sell life insurance and annuities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

How Much Does Equitable Life Insurance Cost?

Equitable does not provide online quotes for its life insurance products.

If you wish to learn about how much you might expect to pay for a life insurance policy from life insurance companies that sell policies where you live, contact an insurance agent who is licensed to sell coverage in your area. 

When Does Equitable Life Insurance Pay a Death Claim?

Equitable reviews and files claims within five days, at which point a claimant account is made where you can track the status of your payment.

As an industry standard, life insurance death benefits generally take anywhere from 14 to 60 days to be paid out. 

Is AXA Equitable a Reputable Company?

Equitable financial strength ratings include an A (Excellent) from A.M. Best, an A2 (Good) from Moody’s and an A+ (Strong) from S&P Global. 

From a customer review perspective, Equitable is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

The NAIC’s Complaint Index Report measures a company’s rate of complaints. Equitable Life Insurance has a rate of complaints that is lower than the industry average when adjusted for market share. This means Equitable generally has strong customer satisfaction.

Does Equitable Life Insurance Offer Good Customer Service?

Customer service is available by phone during weekday business hours, and an online chat feature allows for additional help. 

The Equitable website also has detailed information and FAQ’s for a range of topics 

Equitable Life Insurance Phone Number

Current Equitable life insurance policy members can call the Equitable customer service phone number at (800) 777-6510.

Is Equitable Life Insurance Right for You?

Speak to a licensed insurance agent to learn more about the types of life insurance policies and insurance companies that offer them in your area. Get a quote for coverage and determine which life insurance company offers the best policy for your needs. 


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