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Life Insurance and Pregnancy: Considerations for the Family, Mother and Newborn

Many parents think of having their first child as a life-changing moment marking a major shift in priorities wherein the well-being of another moves to the forefront of their lives. For some families, the decision to start a family can be a natural starting point for buying a life insurance policy. Life insurance can provide financial security for your remaining family members in the event of an unexpected passing of a family’s wage-earner. While the thought is not a pleasant one, the right insurance policy might provide a measure of comfort to the remaining members of a family.

As with any life insurance decision, buying coverage during pregnancy requires an understanding of what risks the family is protecting against, and how much insurance coverage will provide the family with security against those risks. If you are considering a life insurance policy for the first time, here are some simple guidelines for both expecting parents in getting started:

  • Buy enough coverage to replace lost income in the event. In addition, understand your needs in the event of the loss of the family member you are protecting against.
  • In addition, understand the insurance policy that you buy as you are considering your coverage options. What factors go into the prices being quoted to you?  Are rates fixed?  What does your policy not cover?

The considerations in finding the right policy for your circumstance go far beyond the simple considerations above, and we encourage you to research further on and other sites, and consult with a licensed professional.

However, on this page, we want to examine some special circumstances for expecting parents who are considering a policy in conjunction with a planned or expected pregnancy.

Life Insurance for the Mother

There are some deeper considerations and advice specific to purchasing life insurance coverage for the expecting mother. Here are some general pointers if you are in this situation:

  • If you are in a position to plan a pregnancy, you should consider beginning your coverage ahead of the pregnancy. This route will give you the most favorable pricing and plan availability.
  • Your medical exam results submitted to the life insurer should ideally reflect pre-pregnancy levels of weight and cholesterol levels, both of which may fluctuate during pregnancy and into the nursing period.
  • While the ideal time to enter into a policy is before conception, not everyone can have the timing of the pregnancy planned. Applying during first or second trimester is your next best option for coverage during the term of the pregnancy.
  • As the pregnancy goes later into its term, it becomes harder for the pregnant woman to start coverage on a new policy during the pregnancy. Your options for life insurance coverage go significantly down in the event of a high-risk pregnancy.
  • You may find increased rates immediately after pregnancy. Some insurance companies, rightly or wrongly, factor in risks related to post-partum depression into the pricing of coverage for new mothers. If you are in this situation, your best course is to shop around for plans.

Life Insurance for the Newborn

While you may be see solicitations for life insurance for your child or newborn, we do not recommend buying a life insurance policy for a newborn - in most instances. The rationale for newborn life insurance is limited, as life insurance is primarily intended to provide security against the loss of wages in the event of an unintended death. Some companies or agents may pitch child life insurance as an investment vehicle for your child. The rationale against this argument is simply put: there are better mechanisms for investing in your child’s future.

Lastly and most importantly, wishes you our very best, to you and to your family, during the pregnancy and beyond.
As a reminder, while advice is provided on this site, is a consumer resource for informational purposes only and should not replace the advice of a licensed life insurance professional. The specifics of any life insurance should be provided by either your life insurance company of an agent of that company.