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Voluntary Anthem Life Insurance Coverage

Anthem Life Insurance offers a wide array of life insurance and other insurance products for their employers and customers.  They also offer what's called "voluntary" insurance coverages.  This can be a very useful tool for employers to use to give a tailored benefits package to each employee and can really end up paying off in the long run.  Anthem's website details their Voluntary Group Term Life insurance (VGTL) plan as well as other voluntary products.

Basically, one-size-fits-all benefits packages do not always meet the needs of everyone.  And employers can end up spending money offering benefits to certain employees who do not value what's offered.  Through voluntary services the employee can tailor their own package and pay more or less accordingly.  The VGTL plan offers generous amounts of life insurance at competitive prices.  Employees select their choice for group term life insurance coverage for themselves or themselves and their family.  This type of coverage also includes waiver of premium as well as living benefits features.

The nice thing about this type of option is that the employee gets to choose whether to include accidental death benefits in the VGTL plan offerings.  They can take into consideration their own personal needs and make a decision this way.  If they do choose this benefit, each employee is covered for an accidental death benefit equal to their voluntary group term life insurance policy amount.  The coverage continues if the employee switches companies.  Anthem can automatically bill them or take money from the employee's checking account depending on their preference.

They also offer voluntary disability insurance and voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance.  Having a wide array of options with voluntary enrollment gives employers and employees both the flexibility to do what is in their best interest.  If you think your employer has voluntary options, especially for life insurance, it's worth looking into.

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