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Unum Life Insurance Feeling Market Pressure

Unum Group, the provider of disability insurance, group Unum life insurance, and payroll-deducted voluntary benefits, is feeling the market pressure as they are down 2.7% to $21.72.  Over the past year, Unum Group share prices have been bracketed by a low of $19.72 and a high of $27.16, which is 10% above the low price according to the article "Shares of Unum Group Under Pressure, Down 2.7%" by Peter Chu on

During the last five trading sessions, the 50-day moving average has increased .3% while the 200-day MA has slid .3%.  This isn't the first time they have felt the pressure as the market continues to change.  The article points out there is a potential upside of 31.6% for shares of Unum Group based on a current price of $21.72 and an average consensus analyst price target coming in at $28.59.  Unum Group shares should meet resistance at the 50-day moving average of $22.38 and find more resistance at the 200-day MA of $24.27.

Unum Group is no stranger to market volatility.  They continue to push through with promising results.  Unum operates in the United States, the United Kingdom and in small amounts throughout other countries.  They offer disability insurance, group life insurance and payroll-deducted benefits that are voluntary for employees through their worksites.  They specialize in group disability and special risk insurance throughout the nation.

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