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Unum Life Insurance Benefits at Work

Many Americans work for employers which offer life insurance benefits through their comprehensive benefits programs.  This is a perk that comes highly valued by employees since life insurance benefits can be up to one or two times someone's salary, with options to upgrade to higher amounts.  Unum Life Insurance is one example of a company focused on offering life insurance to employers.  They recognize that change is on the horizon and through continuous research they hope to stay ahead of the game so they can offer quality benefits for years to come.

Unum is one of the world's leading benefits providers and they do business with thousands of companies.  They work hand in hand with employers to offer quality benefits packages which include disability, long-term care, voluntary and life insurance benefits.  In the US they are ranked 1st in group and individual disability for the last 35 years.  They are ranked 1st in group long term care, 2nd in voluntary insurance and 3rd in group life insurance.  On the Fortune 500 list they are ranked 235 out of 500 as they protect 25 million people throughout the world.  They serve the needs of 171,000 businesses throughout the US and UK and provide benefits for about 37% of today's Fortune 500 companies.

It's important to know you can count on quality benefits through your employer and Unum Insurance gives you this value.  This isn't to say you should also carry separate life insurance policies.  Some experts urge individuals to carry life insurance benefits separate from employers, especially during this volatile unemployment environment.  Some employers allow you to carry your life insurance policy even if you leave the company, but not all will make this option available.

Unum was founded in 1848 so has experience on their side.  Their commitment to their customers is strong, but you want to be sure you have the life insurance coverage that is best for you and your family.  Benefits at work is a huge part of our economy, but it's not guaranteed to be around forever, so preparation is best.  Talk to a financial advisor to determine if you should have coverages available to you separate and in addition to benefits available through employers.

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