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Term Life Insurance or Permanent?

Many consumers question whether they will need permanent or term life insurance for their life insurance needs.  Whether you are looking for the affordable aspects of term life insurance or the protection of term insurance which can last a lifetime, or a combination of both, most life insurance companies have options to fit your budget and your individual needs.

Term life insurance in general can be purchased for large amounts with a low premium to start out.  This can be a good option for those with short term needs such as coverage for a home mortgage, outstanding debt, educational costs, or a car loan.   The appropriate policy will be affordable and cover any or all of these expenses to give you the peace of mind that large bills will be handled.

Permanent life insurance offers a level payment for a coverage amount that you choose and an account value that suits your lifelong needs based on factors such as children, marital status, income, and monthly expenses.  This is a very convenient option for those looking to fulfill a loved one's needs, finalize expenses, complete estate planning, make contributions to charity, implement a business legacy, or have access to accumulated cash value.

If you are unsure which type of life insurance would best suit your needs meet with an expert to go over your options in detail.  You can also get a variety of prices and benefits online.

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