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Term Life Insurance for Empty Nesters

Once the last dependent has moved out of the house many empty nesters question the need for a life insurance policy.  It's important to evaluate your needs closely though before you decide to cancel or reduce coverage.  You may find that maintaining a quality term life insurance policy is still in your best interest.

In today's society, more and more couples are relying on two incomes and people are retiring much later than they used to.  With this in mind, many empty nesters are faced with substantial financial obligations even after they retire and would be financially devastated if a spouse passed away or became disabled.  According to the press release found on PR News Wire "Life Insurance Considerations for Empty Nesters", the expected retirement age for workers is rising and couples are planning on working longer instead of saving more.

A study completed by Matthew Greenwald & Associates, Inc and the Employee Benefit Research Institute states that the percent of workers who plan on working in retirement increased to 74% from just last year.  Researchers discovered that workers with less than $100,000 in savings are concerned about meeting their financial needs after retirement.  This is why life insurance is still an important option for empty nesters.

Life insurance can protect your retirement savings which will ensure that you and your family will remain secure.  You also want to ensure you have the financial ability to pass on your estate, in tact, to your beneficiaries.  There are many life insurance options for couples of retirement age.  Whether you are shopping for a Texas life insurance quote, or New York, or Alaska, you can be rest assured there is a product out there to meet your specific needs no matter where you live.  Once your children have grown you must reevaluate your needs, but you may find that some financial responsibilities just never go away completely.

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