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Minnesota Life Helping You Retire

Minnesota Life Insurance, a Securian company, has a unique method of helping their customers prepare for retirement.  They offer a "retirement GPS" program on their website which guides customers through the entire retirement process.  This is in huge demand as many people feel unprepared for retirement or are in retirement and feel like they are drowning.  By taking the right precautionary steps, anyone can be on the road to a smooth and successful retirement.

Retirement GPS is an educational program from Securian Financial Group that offers a wide array of resources and retirement support.  They help customers get in touch with the reality of today's retirement needs whether it's in your near future or part of your present.  They offer support through all phases of retirement which they define as the gearing up years, the taking off years and the cruise control years.  This goes against conventional attitudes that there is work, then retirement.  There are actually phases to help you transition.

The Points of Interest series in the education program helps seniors better understand what they can expect in their retirement years.  Whether it's questions about life insurance, savings, longevity risk, social security or inflation risk, the program attempts to answer all concerns.  They offer financial advisors to help map out an effective strategy that will help you stay on track and retirement when you want to.  They offer support in the case of unexpected challenges, adventures or changes in heart along the path.  This is more than an owner's manual, but it's a hands-on guide that can truly change your overall retirement experience.

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