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Life Insurance Rates for Diabetics

It is commonly understood that purchasing a life insurance policy is a good decision, especially when supporting a family.  It can provide a certain peace of mind, that should something happen to you, your loved ones will not experience financial hardship.  There are several different options to choose from and the cost of a life insurance policy can vary, but in general, a policy quote is figured with age, gender, and overall health in mind.  It is understandable why a life insurance company may hesitate when writing a policy for someone who is in poor health, suffering from a disease such as diabetes.  In the past, if a diabetic wanted to purchase a life insurance policy, they would have to first find a company willing to underwrite it, and second, settle for a much higher price.  However, with technological and medical advances, insurance companies are having a change of heart, according to a release found on

Diabetes has become a very significant health issue in America, with almost 26 million people diagnosed.  As that number continues to grow, medical advances have allowed those affected to control the disease with regulated treatments.  But even individuals with very controlled cases of the disease were finding that while insurance companies offered life insurance policies at a standard rate, they would often attach extra charges with their diagnosis.  Recently however, several respected insurance companies have begun to realize that with the growing number of Americans suffering from this disease, it was in their best interest to acknowledge that with long-term control, diabetes does not significantly impact life expectancy.

Met Life and ING are among the companies altering their stance on policies for diabetics.  There are in fact, many conscientious diabetics who very effectively self-manage their condition and find great success in long-term control.  Michael E. Gray, Jr, CEO of MEG Financial, who was responsible for the press release, acknowledges that by controlling diabetic risk factors, such as weight, daily glucose levels, fitness, blood pressure, and cholesterol, a diabetic can indeed secure a low rate for life insurance, which is very good news for the significant portion of our population who have been diagnosed with this condition.

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