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Life Insurance Quotes Through Facebook

UPDATE 4/22/2012 - Facebook continues to be a promising avenue for life insurance leads in 2012.  Not only is this important to the insurer, but it's also important to the consumer as well.  Knowing you can access important financial information and quotes on your own social platform gives the consumer some power over they buying strategies.  You can find groups that focus on life insurance news and "like" them for continuous news updates.  Check out the Facebook page as an example.

Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook are taking over the Internet and it's no wonder why.  Consumers find these sites convenient and user friendly.  More and more business industries are picking up on these trends and creating Twitter and Facebook accounts not only for advertising, but as an additional online tool for existing customers to access information.  Even the life insurance industry is getting in on the game and trying to educate younger generations on the benefits of carrying a quality life insurance policy.

One company in particular, Lifeline Direct Life Insurance, has created a way for consumers to get instant life insurance quotes through Facebook just by "Liking" their page.  "Liking" a page refers to clicking on a "Like" button to show your support for a particular brand, comment, picture or idea.  By "Liking" the Lifeline Direct Facebook Page you gain access to a free and instant life insurance quote with no exam and no purchase necessary.  The article "Lifeline Direct Insurance Revolutionizes Online Quoting Through Facebook" by PRWeb found on says you can also gain valuable life insurance news and health updates by "Liking" their page.

Lifeline Direct created their Facebook page out of a large demand from existing customers.  This speaks volumes to the importance of life insurers getting in on the social media trend.  Many other life insurance companies are carrying Facebook pages including Hartford Life Insurance Companies, New York Life Insurance, Reliance Life Insurance and even international life insurers such as Life Insurance Corporation of India.  This is the time to get on board social media and if you are a consumer searching for a quality life insurance policy, knowing that Facebook and Twitter are additional avenues for you might help make your comparison shopping easier.

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