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Life Insurance Quotes for Mothers

As Mother's Day approaches we are reminded of the many contributions moms make towards our families, schools and communities.  They work hard every day to ensure their family is safe and are always putting others' needs before their own.  With this said, moms are less likely to carry life insurance and this can end up leaving the family with many needs if the unthinkable were to happen.

LIMRA, the worldwide research professional development organization, points out that married households are less likely to purchase life insurance for wives than for husbands.  According to the press release "Life Insurance Delivers Vital Security Blanket for Moms" found on, too many women are underinsured or not insured at all for life insurance.  Obtaining life insurance quotes is quick and convenient these days and even if you cannot possibly find a way to fit it into your budget, it's at least worth looking into.  You may be surprised how affordable it really is.

A mom's contribution to the family should not be underestimated.  Even if the mom does not earn an income, but takes care of the children during the day, they are saving thousands of dollars on day care costs.  It needs to be considered how these costs would be covered if that child care was no longer available.  Can the spouse afford to put the children in daycare and still live their comfortable lifestyle?  Can the spouse handle the childcare in addition to all of the other household duties or will they need funds to hire help?

Whether or not mom brings home a small or large paycheck, the income is valuable and understanding how your family would be affected without the funds is crucial.  Sit down with an expert to evaluate your life insurance needs, especially if you are a mom because the financial protection of your family could depend on it.

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