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Life Insurance for Cancer Survivors

Thanks to modern medicine, many people are surviving breast cancer and prostate cancer which is great news for our society.  Some independent studies from Hartford Life Insurance Companies even show that survivors of each disease with certain criteria met actually have similar mortality rates as the general population.  This is why Hartford is one of the first insurers to offer policies at standard rates to qualifying survivors.

Survivors of breast cancer or prostate cancer who meet certain criteria may qualify for life insurance up to $5 million from what of the Hartford companies.  Some criteria for breast cancer survivors include 40 or older, localized state 1 breast cancer, and a strong prognosis for survival based on common tests.  Criteria for prostate cancer survivors include 60 or older, surgically treated cancer found only in the prostate, clear surgical margins, and no cancer within the nerve cells.

In the past it has been very challenging for cancer survivors to find quality life insurance at affordable prices.  Hartford Life is headed in the right direction of working with statistics and ensuring that more customers can receive quality life insurance.  It's such an important part of estate planning, and when you are forced to face your mortality you are very aware of the importance of life insurance and planning for the future of your loved ones.

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