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Life Insurance Discounts: Bundling

We are all looking to save some money, especially when it comes to purchasing life insurance products.  There aren't too many opportunities to receive discounts in the life insurance industry given the way policies are structured but some insurers do offer ways to save money which can make any consumer happy.

Health is probably the most obvious way to save on your life insurance.  The healthier you are, the less likely you are to receive a death benefit so your rates are often times lower.  While lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise will impact your overall health, some genetic factors or pre-existing conditions are out of your control.  These people are looking for other ways to save and bundling can be a great option.

Numerous insurers, including American Family Life Insurance, offer discounts to their customers that carry more than one product with their company.  This kind of discount called "bundling" is not uncommon and it's worth looking into regardless of who your insurer is.  American Family specifically, offers a discount to customers that own a life insurance policy and an auto insurance policy.  According to their website, if you or any family members in the household have both auto and life insurance policies with American Family Insurance and American Family Life Insurance Company, you can save on your auto insurance rates.  Even though the discount is applied to the auto insurance policy, you will see savings add up.

To see the biggest impact, you can create your own "discount" by comparison shopping for life insurance quotes.  If you are like many, you may see a drastic difference in life insurance rates and by having this information you can choose the cheapest policy with the best benefits.

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