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Life Insurance Companies Want to Know About Your Health

It's common knowledge that many life insurance companies conduct physical exams to determine the likelihood of a patient passing away from a disease.  Some people might be surprised that some insurers use blood and urine to determine if a particular candidate is at high risk for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

According to the article "Why Life Insurance Companies Love Blood and Urine" by Louise Witt on the Fox Business website, blood and urine tests give a window into someone's health and things such as alcoholism, high cholesterol, hypertension and some other ailments can be detected.  Life insurance companies save money when they do not have to pay a death benefit, so if you are less likely to pass away during the term of your policy, then you will get lower life insurance quotes.

This holds true for most insurers, including Hartford Life, but some insurance companies will allow you to forego a medical exam for a cost.  There are certain policies such as a simplified issue or guaranteed issue life insurance that do not always require a physical.  The good news is that most employers that offer a life insurance benefit do not require a physical.  These are group policies that are issued through the employer to their employees.  It's possible these life insurance policies are not as high as many would need, but it's something.

Hartford Life Insurance quotes take many factors into consideration when determining a rate, not just health.  Assistant Vice President of Hartford Life in Simsbury, Connecticut, David Redpath, says the most common conditions mirror the most common diseases and causes of death in America.  The three big ones are heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  This comes as no surprised, since most people know someone who has been afflicted by these terrible diseases.

Bottom line for most scenarios is that if you are young and healthy you will be much more likely to have a cheaper life insurance rate than someone who is older with a pre-existing condition.  There are some conditions that are controlled through lifestyle, so if you can get your weight under control, stop smoking and manage your cholesterol through diet before you get a quote you might be better off.

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