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Life Insurance Companies Give Americans Faith

According to the LIMRA press release from April 24th, approximately 75% of all Americans have confidence in life insurance companies.  The new study from LIMRA points out that this number jumps to 90% when looking at Americans who own individual life insurance.

LIMRA found that consumers who have directly or indirectly seen life insurance make a difference in someone's life, were much more likely to feel confident in life insurance companies when compared to consumers who had no experience in the matter.  Robert Kerzner, president and CEO of LIMRA, says this study further confirms that life insurance provides the financial security that gives families peace of mind.

Based on the survey results, about 8 in 10 consumers who have had a positive experience dealing with life insurers, say the life insurance industry plays an important role following the death of a loved one.  About 2/3 of all Americans feel that life insurance does give people peace of mind.

Kerzner goes on to say that the majority of people understand the value of carrying life insurance and knows what the industry has to offer.  He sees the fact that people recognize the good life insurance has to offer as very positive for the industry overall.

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