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John Hancock Life Insurance Introduces Health Program

Earlier today, John Hancock's Life Insurance Underwriting department announced enhancements to their HealthStyles program for their customers.  This plan has been very successful as they aim to benefit applicants with favorable health and lifestyle factors.  This crediting program allows for more affordable life insurance rates for people following healthier lifestyles.  The enhancements will further improve this program and make it more appealing to a wider group of people.

After years of research by John Hancock Life Insurance, the HealthStyles program allows underwriters to offer discounts to more clients under a broader range of lifestyle behaviors.  The press release found on talks about how innovative this plan is for life insurance companies to notice.  Dr. Larry Segel, the Chief Medical Officer at John Hancock Life Insurance points out how factors such as exercise, a healthy diet, and preventative health care can translate to life insurance savings for many people.

John Hancock's new program offers potential upgrades for many customers to encourage healthy living.  The President of John Hancock Life Insurance, Steve Finch, says a key part of this strategy is to maintain their leading position in advanced and competitive underwriting.  The new HealthStyles program is just one example of the company putting innovation into action as they continue to look for better ways to serve their customers.

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