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Intuitions 20 Pay Whole Life From Women's Life

Woman's Life is a community of women focusing on life insurance products to best suit their needs.  The Woman's Life National Cause helps women find the quality products they deserve and one such product is called Intuitions 20 Pay Whole Life.

The purpose of the Intuitions 20 Pay Whole Life program is to provide insurance protection with premiums that only last for twenty years.  By paying into this type of whole life insurance policy, it provides coverage that is paid up for life after 20 years of payments.  Even if health deteriorates and becomes a factor, your policy remains in tact assuming all premium obligations have been met.

The convenient aspect of this type of policy is that it guarantees cash value and it accumulates tax-deferred.  The policy is eligible for dividend distribution which further enhances the value of this sort of policy.  You can even borrow against the policy if the need arises and this can come in very handy for emergencies or to supplement retirement income.

Whole life insurance isn't just for women.  All consumers shopping around for life insurance should consider this type of policy because there are many advantages that are not available in a typical term life insurance policy.  With that said, it's not right for everyone, so please talk to a financial expert about what is best for your particular situation.

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