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Getting Married and Life Insurance

Getting married is an exiting time and couples can get lost in all of the details.  It's important that couples sit down and take the time to go over all of the important financial aspects that go into marriage to ensure they are protected.  Guardian Life Insurance Company recommends talking about about multiple financial topics including:

  • How you should be filing your taxes
  • Should you have separate or joint accounts
  • How do you handle a will
  • What health insurance should you keep
  • What plans should be in place for retirement savings
  • What type of life insurance policy will you need

These topics are extremely important for everyone to understand, especially for newly married couples who are just starting to combine their financial lives.  This is just the beginning of the detailed financial discussions that need to go on.  Guardian recommends getting a professional involved to walk you through the various topics.  Discussions will be even more important if couples plan to buy a home, have children, or retire early.

Building a strong foundation for financial security is the responsible thing to do.  There should be a plan in place immediately to meet all of your financial goals.  Carrying life insurance and disability insurance are steps that couples can take on this critical path.  As life circumstances change, life insurance needs should be reevaluated,especially when you get married or have children.

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