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Gerber Life Insurance Receives Good Rating

A.M. Best Company has given Gerber Life Insurance an A rating and pronounced the financial strength of the life insurer.  This is a revised outlook which reflects Gerber Life's increasing base as well as an improved investment performance since 2009.  Gerber's parent company is Nestle Holdings, which is a subsidiary of the international food and beverage group Nestle SA and they also have performed well, helping Gerber Life.

Gerber Life Insurance Company has met some challenges over the past few years and still come out on top.  Gerber Life mostly markets to child life insurance products to individuals but they also do medical stop-loss products to self-insured employers according to the press release "AM Best Revises Outlook to Stable of Gerber Life Insurance Company" found on  Gerber Life is a recognized leader in child life insurance products and their national ad campaign is recognized by millions.  This helps their brand and encourages multiple media challenges.  In the last few years, Gerber has been branching out their life insurance products to reach a wider audience.

This has been challenging for Gerber Life as they are well known for their child products only.  New individual life insurance sales have dropped over time mostly due to the economy and in addition to this their overall business mix is shifting.  There has been more focus on their stop-loss business, and this industry can be cyclical causing some grief for insurers.  Despite the challenges, Gerber has managed to maintain their financial strength and AM Best Company acknowledges the efforts.  Receiving the A rating from the world's oldest and most reputable insurance rating is a positive push for Gerber Life to keep doing what they are doing and strive for a wider audience overall.

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