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Dave Ramsey recommending what Life Insurance you should get

Dave Ramsey recommending what Life Insurance you should get in General Life Insurance

This video had a lot of people talking in youtube, and it got some people angry =)

Below is the question that was asked to Dave Ramsey:

Many people have a long term need to life insurance.  How can you recommend a term policy to everyone? Don?t you feel like you?re giving them bad advice? Their term life insurance will likely expire when they need it the most.

And he adds:

I recommend term life insurance because the rest of it is garbage, a ripoff. Let's say I am talking to a 32 year old who has a 4 year old and a two year old. Lets visit him 20 years from now when his 20 year level term that I recommend expired... (sorry but after that, I had no clue what he tried to say, he talked so quickly that even though I am a fast typping on the computer, I couldn't keep up and I just gave up - so here is the video.

It is interesting what people had to say about Dave's opinion, in fact, one that got my attention was the screen name "bond519" - he was quite upset from what I anderstand, so what I did was I contacted bond519 to see if he wants to give me his part of the opinion on a phone conversation and I asked if I could actually record what he would be saying so that I can share it here on the blog. I always like to hear both sides of the story.

Below please help yourself to the video =)

Dave Ramsey on Life Insurance

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