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Cigarette Smoking and Life Insurance

UPDATE 2/29/2012 - Based on a article, a smoker is generally someone who has had nicotine products in the last three years, or even someone who has an occasional celebratory cigar.  Be careful when you are answering this question on your life insurance application because if they suspect any fraud, the insurer may cancel your policy altogether.  Check with the insurance company on their specific definitions if you are unsure how to answer.

November 17th is the Great American Smokeout, where people come to together to urge smokers to quit their habit because of the severe health effects it has on our bodies, as well as the people around us.  The known health risks keep piling up, but cigarette smokers continue to light up due to its addictive qualities.  Not only are smokers putting their health at risk but they may be facing higher health insurance and term life insurance quotes.

According to the article "The Value of Not Smoking" by Aaron Cave found on, a smoker in New York could save approximately $3325 a year.  This amount of money could purchase a quality life insurance policy for up to $2 million dollars.  Quitting will not only add years to your life but it could give you the peace of mind of knowing your family would be taken care of if the unexpected happened.

Many Americans struggle with the decision to buy life insurance.  One thing everyone should be aware of is that your health does affect life insurance rates.  If you can take care of yourself and obtain your policy at your healthiest you can end up saving a lot of money.  This might be the extra motivation someone needs to put down the cigarettes.  The reasons to quit are many, so meet with a professional if you are struggling to quit.  It may prove to be very well worth your time if it saves you money, and your life.

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