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Minnesota Life Insurance, a Securian company, has a unique method of helping their customers prepare for retirement.  They offer a “retirement GPS” program on their website which guides customers through the entire retirement process.  This is in huge demand as many people feel unprepared for retirement or are in retirement and feel like they are drowning.  By taking the right precautionary steps, anyone can be on the road to a smooth and successful retirement.

Retirement GPS is an educational program from Securian Financial Group that offers a wide array of resources and retirement support.  They …

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Minnesota Life offers a valuable calculator on their website to help consumers determine their true life insurance needs.  Consumers are often confused if they amount of life insurance they purchase is too much or too little.  With a calculator at your fingertips from a reputable insurer, you can get a good idea of what your needs really entail.

They will request some general information from you, including your current age and the age at which you’d like to retire.  It then will ask for your current annual income rounded to the nearest thousand.  They will …

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The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) has selected Minnesota Life Insurance Company to provide term life insurance to its members starting in January of 2012.  The Minnesota Life Plan will cover about 301,000 employees and retirees and 120,000 dependents according to the article on IBR Life Insurance & Pensions website.

Ann Fuelberg, the ERS executive director, says Minnesota life proves they have the experience and ability to offer top quality life insurance options.  They are happy with their willingness to open an office in Austin, Texas to offer local support to participants.

Many states are …

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UPDATE 5/9/2012 – We’ve come across a few other sites that offer valuable tools to calculating how much life insurance you really need given your particular situation.  Your needs will vary based on how big your family is, your income, how old you are and how much debt you have.  Some sites that offer help in calculating life insurance include,, and  Check out one of these sites or meet with a financial advisor to go over your financial records.  And remember, you can receive no obligation quotes right here …

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It’s never too late to collect a death benefit, no matter how old the life insurance policy is.  Minnesota Life Insurance Company has been around since 1880 and is known for fulfilling obligations timely and has remained strong through good times and bad.  This is evident in the recent claim that was filed by the daughter of a man who purchased a Minnesota Life Insurance policy back in 1948.

This man paid premiums on the policy until 1959 then passed away at age 97.  The 63 year old policy was still valid and the daughter …

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Life insurance companies such as Minnesota Life Insurance offer a variety of products including whole life insurance.  The wide array of choices can be overwhelming especially when there are so many options.  Whole life insurance specifically has six traditional forms as defined by the state of New York.  These types include:

Non Participating
Indeterminate Premium
Limited Pay
Single Premium
Interest Sensitive

While each category carries its own set of unique differences, in general all whole life insurance policies carry the same stipulation.  Most whole life insurance policies require that owners pay premiums for the life of the insurance policy.  Under …

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Many individuals turn to brokers to assist them with their purchasing needs whether it’s for buying a home, a health insurance policy for even life insurance.  Companies such as Minnesota Life Insurance Company utilize brokers to guide their customers through the ins and outs of the life insurance industry and they can bring  a lot of value.

With this said, having a life insurance broker is not crucial in purchasing a quality life insurance policy.  Minnesota Life is an example of an insurer that gives you options as does many other life insurance companies. …

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Minnesota Life Insurance has been in the business for over a century so they sure know what they are talking about when it comes to life insurance solutions.  According to their website they have been in business since 1880, fulfilling obligations and servicing life insurance policies.  They prosper in good times and bad and push through economic downturns.  They value a strong commitment to maintaining their financial strength and this shows in their success.  They consistently have had the ability to make excellent long-term decisions in investments and management.  This is what more companies should …