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Anthem Life Insurance: Access Advantage

Anthem Life Insurance has a particular way to disperse life insurance when necessary to the beneficiary.  Access Advantage is their standard method of paying life insurance claims of $10,000 or more according to their website's FAQ section.  This allows the life insurance proceeds to be put into an interest bearing account that is competitive and successful.  This is all done on behalf of the beneficiary.

This may appeal to those shopping for life insurance because interest is credited to the account at a rate in line with money market accounts through financial institutions.  A personalized checkbook is sent to the beneficiary once all the appropriate forms have been received and the beneficiary has immediate access to all of part of the proceeds through simply writing a check.  This is done in place of one large check.  The Access Advantage Program enables the beneficiary to use the proceeds from the life insurance policy to cover needs now and in the future.  Forms do need to be submitted such as a group policyholder's statement, beneficiary claim form, enrollment form, certified death certificate and any other beneficiary changes.  This will ensure a speedy and efficient processing time.

There are many advantages to this process including relieving some pressure from the beneficiary to make immediate investing decisions which are very important.  Beneficiaries often are not thinking clearly, or they do not have the time or ability to sit down and make solid investment decisions.  Anthem Life's process takes care of this for the beneficiary.  During times of stress and grief its helpful to know your loved ones will not have to deal with such decisions.  It's also a good option if beneficiaries are not financially savvy and will not take the time to research investments.  It takes time and energy to hire professionals to guide consumers through investment choices, so knowing you will not have to deal with it immediately is very reassuring.

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