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American Family Life Insurance: SimplyProtected

Many Americans are looking for quick and simple ways to obtain life insurance coverage.  If this sounds appealing to you, there are a handful of insurers out there offering policies that do not require blood work or a physical exam.  This can come in very handy for someone looking for a simple policy that can offer protection immediately.  American Family Life Insurance has such a product for their customers called SimplyProtected Life Insurance and it's gaining popularity.

The American Family Life Insurance website has more details on this unique program, but here are some of the basics.  To be eligible for the policy, you do not need a blood test or a physical exam.  There is a list of a few health questions that can be answered quickly.  The protection is tailored to be very affordable and can be applied for right in an agent's office.  Within a matter of minutes you will know if you qualify and you'll know if you are approved relatively fast with a policy set up in ten business days if you are approved.  You can contact a local agent from this insurer to determine if the policy is available for you.

This is a unique plan that meets the needs of many American Family customers.  SimplyProtected Life Insurance is offered to new and renewing condo, homeowners, renters and certain auto insurance customers of American Family Mutual Company or American Family Insurance Company throughout Ohio and Georgia.  You can easily request a SimplyProtected product brochure online or contact an American Family life insurance agent directly to start this process.  In today's world, carrying life insurance is important, but so many people feel too busy and overwhelmed to start the process.  Through simplified policies and applications, insurers can attract more customers and get more Americans protected in case the unthinkable happens to them and their family.

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