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American Family Life Insurance on Identity Protection

American Family Life Insurance prides itself on working hard for their customers and one of the most valuable benefits consumers appreciate is identity protection.  Consumers want to be sure their insurance companies are doing everything they can to protect their identity and ensure information is not being shared against their wishes.  This is why American Family's focus on fraud protection is so important.

Every year millions of consumers fall victim to identity theft and it can be exhausting to pick up all of the pieces.  The effects of identity theft can last years which makes prevention that much more crucial.  American Family has partnered with Identity Theft 911, an industry leader in fraud protection.  Together, through this innovative program, they offer round the clock support including the option for one-on-one guidance with an experienced fraud specialist.

American Family Life Insurance offers these protective measures to their customer at no extra cost according to their website.  The benefits can be a huge blessing if needed.  Some of the protections include:

  • Free fraud alerts on credit files
  • Tips and techniques on prevention
  • Focus on reducing military members' risks
  • Assistance with estate activities
  • Guidance on name changes
  • Calling of third parties
  • Help replacing documentation
  • One-on-one guidance if you fall victim

These benefits are an example of how much goes into preventing and resolving identity theft.  It can be a lot for a consumer to take on alone, especially if you aren't educated in this field.  Customers who have used the program find the Identity Theft Resolution Center to be extremely helpful.

The American Family Identity Theft Program also includes their Identity Fraud Expense Coverage, which actually covers costs that come along with repairing the effects of identity theft.  Some of these costs can include lawyer fees, loan application fees and even wages.  This is a huge benefit that can come in very handy when you're scrambling to get everything fixed.  American Family Insurance is taking unique and proactive steps to help their customers which is refreshing.  Hopefully more and more insurance companies will adopt similar approaches and really take identity theft seriously.

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