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Aetna Life Insurance Essentials Program

Apparently there is an old saying that life insurance isn't for the dead, it's for the living.  That's what Aetna Life Insurance was taking into consideration when they developed their unique Essentials program.  Aetna Life Essentials is not just life insurance.  They offer death benefits and in addition to this they have multiple resources to use while you are living which makes a lot of sense since you are using your money to pay for these benefits now.

There are four main parts to the Essentials program which first involves help with financial planning.  They offer financial planning services through JP Morgan Chase and also provide an enhanced accelerated death benefit so funds are available if you were to become terminally ill.  Financial counseling is also available to loved ones which can mean a lot since they will be handling your payout in the event of your death.

The next part of this program involves legal services.  Aetna provides legal forms and documents to help plan estates through the Legal Reference Program website.  This website can also help you with an in-office attorney to help plan your estate if you become terminally ill.  They will work with your beneficiaries as well which can be a huge help during tough times.

The Compassionate Care website makes up the third aspect of the Essentials program.  Counselors will work with you and your family during times of grief and confusion.  They will help you through end-of-life issues and provide important information.  They provide you information on living wills and advance directives as well as a checklist to help sort through all of the knowledge.

And finally, the fourth service revolves around the importance of physical health and taking care of yourself.  You will have access to wellness programs as well as vision and hearing care.  Care Advocacy Services work with member to deal with quality of life issues which can be critical when dealing with an end-of-life situation.  You also have access to a nurse case manager to offer additional support during this stressful time.

This program is definitely all encompasses and offers benefits for many stages in life while you are living as well as after you pass away to help your loved ones.  Life insurance is important, but if you can get more out of your policy it makes sense to look into plans that offer much more than the typical death benefit.

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