State Farm Life Insurance

The State Farm Life Insurance Company has been the “Good Neighbor’ people since 1922. Originally a mutual auto insurance company, State farm is perhaps still best known for car insurance, but they have branched out. In 2009 the subsidiary State farm Life Insurance Company was named to Wards List of the Top 50 Life Insurance Producers.

The Current Chairman and CEO is Edward B. Rust, Jr.

The Company is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois.

In 2007 the company reported $105 million in total assets.

According To The Company

Above all else the State Farm Life Insurance Company prides itself on customer service and its financial strength. State Farm was ranked the 2008 Fortune 500, which lists American companies by revenue.

State Farm Life Insurance offers a broad range of life insurance products for individuals and businesses, including Term Life insurance, Whole Life insurance, Universal Life insurance and Variable Life insurance. State Farm reminds consumers that life insurance offers:

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