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The Life Insurance Blood Test and Alcohol

Some life insurance providers do routine blood tests to check for certain issues that may affect your overall health and cause your premiums to go up. To get the best results on your medical exam, it's a good idea to avoid alcohol leading up to it. Learn more below.

Why Do Life Insurance Providers Require Medical Exams?

Life insurance providers use the information gathered at the routine medical exam to determine your overall health, which factors into the premium they’ll charge for your life insurance policy. Better health usually means a lower premium.

Paired with age, your health is one of the most important issues in determining the cost of your life insurance. In 2016, a healthy 30-year-old woman may be able to get 20-year term life insurance for less than $40 per month with $1 million in coverage. Factors such as smoking or drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can cause that amount to double or triple.

Why Are Blood Tests Important?

Blood tests can uncover health issues that may not be obvious to the examiner during a physical examination. It can reveal conditions like high cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood sugar, liver and kidney problems, and even cancer.

Consuming alcohol even 12 hours before your appointment may cause your blood pressure to rise and skew your blood test results. To get the best results, avoid alcohol for 48 hours prior to the exam.

Your paramedical examiner will most likely have you fast (not eat) before your exam. It's also a good idea to stay well-hydrated and avoid caffeine consumption, too. If you have time to quit smoking and lose weight before applying for a policy, even better. Doing so may help you get a better rate.

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