Posted on: Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Metropolitan Life Insurance is one of many insurers offering a flexible option for life insurance.  For MetLife specifically, the name of their unique plan is called Variable Universal Life Insurance.  According to their website, this is a form of permanent life insurance that offers flexible terms and more investment opportunities.

MetLife’s Equity Advantage Variable Universal Life insurance policy offers their customers the chance to capitalize on everything one can gain in life insurance.  The terms are flexible and can change within limits to meet individuals’ needs.  The death benefit, timing and the amount of premiums all have options which gives the consumer more power.  It lets you invest the cash value of the policy with professional expertise.  Professionally-handled funding options reflect the performance of various stocks and bonds.

If a consumer is looking for protection that can last a lifetime, flexibility to accommodate life’s ups and downs, and cash value to go along with the market growth potential then this might be the best type of policy.  As with all investments, there are numerous factors to consider and meeting with an expert to go over the options in detail is always a good idea.  The value of the funding option fluctuates with changes in the market, so while there is growth potential there is also a risk of loss.  And while lifetime benefits sound appealing, this also means there’s a lifetime premium which could go up over time.  Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of variable policies before making a commitment.

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