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Getting married is an exiting time and couples can get lost in all of the details.  It’s important that couples sit down and take the time to go over all of the important financial aspects that go into marriage to ensure they are protected.  Guardian Life Insurance Company recommends talking about about multiple financial topics including:

How you should be filing your taxes
Should you have separate or joint accounts
How do you handle a will
What health insurance should you keep
What plans should be in place for retirement savings
What type of life insurance policy will you need

These …

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The Guardian Life Insurance company has received a high honor from United Benefit Advisors.  According to the press release found on, Guardian has been named strategic partner of the year for 2010 by United Benefit Advisors (UBA) which happens to be one of the nation’s largest employee benefit advisory organizations.  Guardian maintains its reputation as a leading provider of life insurance in the US through these types of honors.

UBS Board Member, Andrea Kinkade, of Kaminsky & Associates in Maumee, Ohio, says this award is a fitting tribute to Guardian since they have shown …

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Guardian Life Insurance Company Small Business Research Institute has revealed owners of small businesses are not embracing the traditional idea of retirement anymore.  Many small business owners see themselves working 20 years or longer and some don’t see themselves ever officially retiring.

The Institute’s survey started in December of 2010 and looked at 1433 small business owners who have companies with 2 to 99 employees.  Many of these owners are planning on working well into the traditional retirement years, with about 1/3 saying they plan on retiring past the age of 70.  Of the people …

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A very interesting article on the Guardian Life Insurance Company website “Your Human Life Value May Be More Than You Think”, gives some valuable, and surprising information on Human Life Value.  Many Americans have no idea what this means, but it’s important to know.  Human Life Value can be defined as the present value of future income that you plan to earn for your family including other value you plan on contributing, minus taxes and consumption.  This is measured through your expected retirement date.

The article goes over in detail how to calculate your estimated …